5 New Apps for iPhone in January 2017 you must install

With thousands of new applications being launched in iPhone’s app store daily, it becomes a daunting task to decide which applications are right for your device and which aren’t. So if you’re someone who’s going through the same or are someone who’s bored up with their existing applications, you’re at the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 5 new amazing applications for iPhone that you must install right away:-

  1. Magisto

A picture is worth a thousand words. Each picture has its own story and a memory attached with it. What if you could give all you pictures a meaning and convert them into a story? This is what Magisto does. This unique application turns all your pictures into video stories with just a few taps. You can select the background music, the editing style and the photos you’d like to see in the video story. Also, you have an inbuilt option of sharing your created video story with your friends on social media.

  1. Money Dashboard

Days are gone when you had to create and update excel sheets in order to keep a track of your expenses. With money dashboard, tracking expenses and saving money has become easier than ever. This app lets you have a record of where and what time of the day your money has been spent. You can view all your expenses in the form of a pie chart or a graph where you’ll exactly come to know what percent of your money has been spent for different purposes. You can even create different categories and set monthly budgets for your categories.

  1. Super Mario Run

Nintendo is back in the market with its most anticipated game of the year, Super Mario run. This game is not at all like the classic Mario games we played back then. In this game, while Mario is running constantly, you’ll need to collect coins until you reach the goal. You get three different modes in the game; World tour, Toad rally and Kingdom builder. In the world tour mode, you’ll need to clear all the levels and rescue the princess at the end. The toad rally mode lets you enjoy the game with your friends as well as other fellow players around the world. In the kingdom mode, you can create your own kingdom the way you want with the help of the coins and toads you’ve earned.

  1. Instapaper

You see an amazing article on the internet, you’re about to read it but you remember you’re busy at the moment and need to finish some tasks. So what do you do then? Bookmark that article? If you do so, like every other bookmarked article, you’ll forget to read this as well. If you too have been facing this, instapaper is the app you’re looking for. Whenever you find an article interesting but don’t have time for reading it, go to options in your browser and save it to your instapaper account. Instapaper keeps all your saved articles at a single place with a format that won’t distract you from reading it. You can also read the saved articles offline if you’re out of internet connection.

  1. Habitify

Habitify helps you stay motivated by sending motivational quotes and alerts. You’ll just need to set your goal and habitify will help you achieve it by motivating you. You can also view your weekly progress with the stats tool.