How to Run Facetime on Samsung?

Great news for the Samsung geeks, you can finally use Facetime application easily on your Samsung Smartphone devices. No worries whether you are far from your family and friends because you will be now able to connect with your loved ones instantly by making a video call, where you will clearly able to have a long conversation as much as you want.

How to Run Facetime on Samsung

Facetime on Computer is popular for its easy user interface which is very simple that even a small kid can easily make use of it. Facetime on Samsung Smartphone devices is not an option; it is a choice since the application Facetime is available for every Android devices as well as iPhone users. So, if you are one of the Samsung users you can ultimately download any of your Facetime application and have the best video calling conversations.

Best Facetime for Samsung

There are many Facetime applications where you can instantly connect anyone easily, so I have mention some of the best selected Facetime below. Simply checkout all the features and functions and decide which one is suitable for you:

  • Viber: Viber is one of the biggest platforms for the video calls where you can instantly connect with your friends and family members for free absolutely. So far more than 280 millions of people from all across the countries have already connected to the Facetime of Viber especially the Samsung users.

How to run?

  • Easy to use because you just simply need to download the Viber app from your play store and install it.
  • Once you have install in your devices registered it by providing your 10 digit of phone number.
  • Soon after that you will receive a code no. So Viber will automatically sync your contact list and show the members that have already sing-in the Viber account already.
  • Simply select the free call before you make a video call to anyone.
  • Google Hangouts: One of the easiest ways of Facetime through the Gmail account without sign-in with a separate account. So since everyone already have a Gmail Account. More than 500 millions of users have already chosen this amazing Facetime application due to its friendly user interface.

How to run?

  • Hangouts video calling is very easy as you simply just need to have a Gmail account.
  • Even if you don’t have one, you can simply create it by providing your complete information including your phone number.
  • Hangout is recently pre loaded in android devices so you can easily download it for free in Google play store.
  • There are many other cool features provided where you can send text messages and many others.
  • Skype: One of the first video calling apps that is well known and popular all across the globe as one of the best Facetime. More than 300 millions of people use this Facetime software to connect their friends and family members instantly.

How to run?

  • It is very easy to run this software of Facetime as you can easily download the application from app store for free.
  • Registered it by providing whatever possible information is required.
  • Right after all the registration process you can start connecting anyone instantly for free.


So, this way you can easily run the Facetime application on your Samsung devices for free absolutely. You can connect anyone face to face by making a video call which is completely clear image and no certain complications and compromise with this best Facetime software. Download any of the application from the above selected apps and explore the advantages of technologies that give you opportunities to stay connected with people you love even from faraway places for free. You can also check how you can run Garageband on windows for your PC.