Top 5 Android Apps for students to learn

Top 5 Android Apps for students to learn

Students are advised to study hard and get great scores a the end year. While most of the applications launched on the Google Play Store fall under entertainment category, there are few apps which allow you to learn, revise and note lectures. In fact, there are applications that enable you to wake up early, stay fit, learn to be cheaper and easy on life.

Today we have got you five such articles which can be an aid in making the student life easier, simpler, active and more fun. Let’s see which is made for you:-

Top 5 application for students

  1. LectureRecording


Lecture Recording is an Android application which is designed keeping in mind students requirements and lecture issues. For instance, a student is taking notes but does not want to miss any vital information as well so, the students can record audio lectures, save them and listen to them as many times he or she wants.

Though Lecturerecording is designed to run independently, is would alway be better to run the application in conjecture with LectureNotes. By this you can record and write notes at the same time. The biggest benefit of this app in your device is, it doesn’t need any internet connection for recording voices and save them.

Price: Rs. 80

  1. Evernote


Evernote is an indispensable Android application. Unlike other application Evernote has the ability to let you write, organize, capture, mark, make lists, create sketch etc at the same time. You want to record a particular lecture for future reference or capture a picture of a document and make an important note on it or record teacher’s voice for a specific lecture, everything is possible with Evernote.

Evernote has all the basic facilities for a student to use their phone as a tablet with Evernote. Students can save their bills, documents, notes, lectures, to do list and much more in one simple way: evernote.

With evernote you can also share documents with friends, discuss a particular document or sync it with other device of yours and finish the work as soon as possible. Evernote in an all in one application launched for a students as well as a businessman.

Price: Rs. 527 per month & 4000 annually

  1. TimeTable


Managing time is the key to success. “Respect your time and time will respect you” this is the phrase that we hear from every second person we meet and apparently it is true as well. So manage our time during your university or school days can be a little hectic therefore, to simplify the situation, you can download “TimeTable” Android application for all your devices.

Timetable enables you to list things, show it in grid or list way, record your lesson timings, get alarm for every task you have entered in the grid, jot down your homework for the day and plan accordingly. The great thing about the application is its user friendly user interface and automatic switch off alarm during classes. Timetable will remind you to finish your work on time and win over hectic schedules.

Price: Free

  1. SnagFilms


SnagFilm allows you to watch full length movies and tv shows for free on your various devices. SnagFilm has entertaining films starting from extreme comedy to serious drama movies. Students can also get short knowledge films which can help you gain knowledge for future references. There are few documentaries and biographies uploaded in the application which are worth recording for you.

When done with studies and want to take a break you can stream these movies and feel energetic again. SnagFilms is a great source of entertainment for your spare time. It is especially designed for Android devices. So it can run on various Android based devices like smartphones, televisions, Kindle and many more to count on fingers.

An amazing thing to note about SnagFilms is, it can run on 2G as well as 3G networks on different devices and does not need any subscription fees to download.

Price: Free

  1. Udemy Online courses


While students really learn out of the real lectures but, there’s no doubt the reel life lectures are also very benefiting. In your spare time, you can connect to this application, choose the course, topic and learn more on them. Whether it is a topic from course or a hobby to explore, Udemy will help you with every aspect of it. There are more than 13 million users on Udemy who learn and teach on the same platform.

Either watch video of the lectures or listen to pure audio to learn, everything is easy with Udemy nowadays. While traveling long distance or rolling in your bed make your free time productive with Udemy.

Price: Free

The apps mentioned above few interesting application that you’ll love to download on your devices while you’re in school or university. Few apps are relevant after education life as well. These were just few apps that we digged out from the well. There are many more to look for, any who enjoy these apps and let us know your experience with them. Thank you!